Ticketing for Concerts

Concerts are hosts to thousands of people around the world and within local communities, meaning you need a lot of support. Most concerts face a high amount of ticket orders with over 95% of purchases made online in advance, as well as a high demand for customer support.

That’s where we come in.

We understand fans will come from all over the globe, that’s why Purplepass offers full time zone support to you and your attendees where we can help them place orders, select seats, change reservations, you name it!

Every concert is different, that’s why we offer multiple ticketing packages and passes, customization options,100% branding and admission material guaranteed to work with your event.

Benefits for Concerts

  • Easy check-in/fast
  • Theater, bands, orchestra, recitals, choral concerts,
  • Offer coupon codes, discounts
  • Merchandise mode and ticket add-ons
  • Fast scanning for large crowds
  • Training and onsite support
  • Provide group ticketing and multi-day passes
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Define ticket colors
  • Advanced pricing rules

Popular ticketing features used for Concert