Ticketing for Education

Our software provides a simple way to organize school-based ticketed events that anyone can manage; students, staff and volunteers.

We offer a variety of customization options that allow users to personalize the online buying experience built around a school district or program’s needs. With everything you want on one software, you and your team can manage events for any department (theater, sports, lectures, etc.), automate your registration process, saving you the time and stress.

Educational event types that use ticketing

  • Sports

  • Performing arts, theater, music departments

  • Educational programs

  • Reunions, ceremonies, graduations

  • Lecture series

  • Fundraising & donations

  • Certificate courses

  • Testing and exams

  • Webinars and podcasts

Benefits for Education

  • Create discounted tickets for students
  • Provide online tickets for out-of-town family
  • Offer season passes and different ticket options
  • Manage and look up guest lists
  • Offer print-at-home or mobile tickets
  • Fast training and onboarding for students, staff and other users
  • Have multiple users on one account
  • Manage event users with partner access
  • Build custom reports for review

Popular ticketing features used for education

  • Student ID coupon codes

    Create coupon codes using student IDs for quick access to discounted school events. Example, ceremonies, lectures, graduations.

  • Assigned seating & stage maps

    Build custom seating charts, replicate auditoriums and make it easy for out-of-town guests to view and pick their seats.

  • Season passes & ticket tiers

    For several department productions or sporting event dates, guests can create a pass to include all the events they want to attend.

  • Partner access and multi-users

    If you need help managing your events but don’t want to give other users total control, you can use partner access. With this tool you can choose who can access what, edit or make changes in your admin account.

  • Social marketing & integrations

    Connect with students where they hang out…online. Upon checkout, give guests the option to have their tickets linked to their Facebook account. When they arrive, tickets are scanned, automatically checking them in at your event online.

What clients say

  • Purplepass has been awesome for our theatre performances over the last year. We had awesome shows with a professional, easy-to-use ticketing system which made our events more pleasant for everyone involved. Can’t wait to use Purplepass again for this year’s productions of Dracula, The Pajama Game, Treasure Island, and Brigadoon!

  • Making it easier for my use as well as our ticket purchasers. The product we used in the past caused many problems. Since starting with purplepass we have no problems or complaints. I will continue to use them. It was so easy to use, set up and edit. Our customers told us they found it easy to purchase tickets. I found it was easy to reassign seats if the customer made a mistake and refunding was simple.

  • Overall experience with Purplepass has been amazing. No complaints here! The software is extremely easy to use. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Their motto says it all "we don't give you what we have; we give you what you need.

  • Ease of use. The setup was quick, selling tickets was easy and getting people in their seats quick. Reports were very good and informative. Support is very good and quick to fix any issues or answer questions about the software or hardware.