Ticketing for Festivals/Fairs

Festivals and fairs are a time for fun, a time to party, soaking up the sun and enjoying some beer. However, that’s not the case for you.

Instead, you have to plan and make the magic happen.

You don’t have to manage these large events on your own. Our software and support team can give you the ticketing options you need to support the size of your event. With the right equipment, marketing support, and automation at your fingertips, you can focus on the event itself and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Benefits for Festivals/Fairs

  • Create different ticketing packages (multi-event, VIP, group, etc.)
  • Offer coupon codes, discounts, loyalty programs
  • Merchandise mode and ticket add-ons
  • Fast scanning for large crowds
  • Define ticket colors depending on pass
  • Training, onboarding for teams and onsite help available
  • Customization options
  • Branded printed material
  • Create multi-event packages

Popular ticketing features used for festivals and fairs

Newport International Boat Show

See how they used Purplepass to solve the unique challenges for their multi-day festival.

What clients say

  • Customer Support with key account leaders for constant back and forth. Easy and accessible use of reporting. User-friendly for both the user-facing and back end. Customization of our unique product (exhibitor ticket vs. public facing ticket). Show day support. A sense of urgency for the smallest to largest issues.

  • They bent over backward to learn everything about our ticketing needs. They answered 100's of questions and even made custom changes to our exhibitor guest ticket program. Their equipment was great and the reporting tools are excellent. We were very pleased with the whole experience.

  • Greatly Improved Event Management; Improved customer experience and customer service due to more efficient line management. More sophisticated box office management. Drastically improved data mining capability and data verification. Training is important for product users, but a relatively quick learning curve.

  • Everytime I call to ask for help, Rep is so kind. He will walk me through the steps so I know what to do next time it happens. He also has walked me through all of the details for Purplepass and spent many afternoons providing training sessions with me while I learned the software. He has been a huge help. I am pleased with the software from a customer perspective, however I wish as a Promoter there were a few more features.