Food and Taste

Benefits for Food and Taste

What’s better than an event with food? An event based around food!

Food and taste events usually merit larger crowds, multiple vendors, require a bigger staff, and overall, need more support. With our event management software, you can handle heavy volumes online and at the gate.

Run a volunteer registration online, create multiple ticketing options, manage vendor signups, basically everything you need in one spot.

How it works

  1. Create registration for guests, vendors, and staff
  2. Build custom reports
  3. A variety of customization options
  4. Sell ticket add-ons at checkout
  5. Manage guest lists online
  6. Offer multiple ticket delivery types (mobile, print-at-home, etc.)
  7. Onsite help upon request
  8. Manage event users with partner access
  9. Monitor sales with real-time alerts

San Diego Mac & Cheese

See how they used Purplepass to solve the unique challenges for their food festival.

Popular ticketing features used for Concert

If you want onsite help for your event, contact us via email at or at 1-800-316-8559.

What clients say

  • We have used Purplepass for the last 4 years for The Taste of Coronado. I have been very pleased with the ease of setting up tickets sales, watching the sales and stats, checking people in and new this year the mobile box office! We will continue to use PP for our event and recommend to others hosting events. My only suggestion would be to have a"sale completed" screen after the CC is processed, many people thought it didn't go through and charged the customer twice.

  • From the beginning, Purplepass staff provided prompt, expert, courteous service for all of our training and design needs. They are/were creative, receptive and responsive to requests for custom reports and program enhancements. Their attitude is “what can we do to meet your needs?” instead of “why would you want to do that?” They are thoughtful and proactive in their thinking, and are committed to staying abreast of technology changes that could impact their customers. We are very happy with Purplepass!

  • In our 2nd year the IE Taco Festival had grown into a highly attended event. This year was no different. We had approximately 8k - 10k attendees and Purplepass made it easy. We had never incorporated a POS system into our festivals however with Purplepass real time tracking features and ease of use with their equipment it was really a no brainer. The wonderful Purplepass team came out to our event, trained volunteers (on event day) and in less than 10 minutes they were ready to go! The Purpleass team not only stayed the entire day but stepped in to help work during the peak of sales. Overall Purplepass offered the complete solution for our event needs and provided data that we will use to improve on sales and increase success. Purplepass was a win for iHeart!