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the event buzz podcast

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Connecting event professionals around the world by sharing real-life experiences, insights, event planning tips and more. In each episode, we break down a different challenge or discuss a new idea to uncover the latest industry trends.

Recent Episodes

#32 - The science behind repeatable event success

Expert in event methodology, Heather Mason, discusses the science behind what makes a successful event. Mason, Founder and CEO of Caspian Agency, shares some of her steps to planning a strategic, repeatable event and the science behind event success.


Jul 22nd, 2021

#31 - Videographer's advice for filming events

Daniel Hess, owner and founder of To Tony Productions shares his experience as an event videographer. With tips for filming large scale events, mistakes to avoid on site, and what to look for when hiring a videographer for your event.


Jul 22nd, 2021

#30 - Having onsite medical staff at your event

ParaDocs Worldwide is a service that provides medical support to local, national and global events. Founder and CEO, Alex Pollak, shares the importance of having medical staff standing by ready to provide care at events and projects. Reminding us why these types of services should be at the top of…


Jul 22nd, 2021

#29 - Marketer's advice for global event planners

With extensive experience heading up global events, Laura Holton shares her advice on planning experiences! In this episode, we talk about planning across time zones, platforms for global evens, collaboration tools, hybrid potential and more.


Jun 9th, 2021

#28 - Increasing brand exposure - Advice from CEO

Brigette Young, the Founder of The Modern Muse Company, a marketing agency, joins the show to share her marketing expertise! With  advice on mini pop-up events, brand partnerships, and marketing strategies for 2021 as events make their comeback.


Jun 1st, 2021

#27 - Preparing for a safe event site as live events return

Principal at The Event Ally, Andrea Ramsey, joins the podcast to discuss event safety as live experiences start to return. This episode is all about getting back to live events and creating safe event sites beyond COVID-19 concerns...but in-person safety in general. The Event Ally is a collective of Subject…


May 26th, 2021